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I don’t know how to braid, flat twist or cornrow I am nothing



Anonymous: Why do you detest Freud?







Because I’ve studied Psychology. 

Freud’s theories are unscientific, they’re untestable, they’re prone to circular reasoning, and are just… well, nonsense. He got the idea for his theory of the unconscious because he didn’t believe a patient when she told him her father had molested her, his reasoning was ‘a man would never do that, that must be repressed sexual fantasies.’ The vast majority of his so called clinical assessments are useless, because again - they’re based on nonsense. Thanks to him the general public to have this very misinformed view of psychology and as a result he’s set the science back because people assume that all of it is as wishy-washy and unfounded as the theories of a cocaine addict with a mother fixation.

Agree 100% and I think his theories, such as they are, actually continue to set back physiological progress to this day.

I may have once rolled my eyes when a professor mentioned we were going to study Freud and then giggled because I thought she was joking when she said she was a firm believer in Freudian analysis.

She didn’t really like me….

I took a psychology class at a community college in rural NC taught by a badass feminist army veteran. We got to the chapter on Freud and she literally said: “We’re not going to study this because it’s bullshit.” We spent exactly one class discussing why it was bullshit, then moved on to study the scientific method, Milgram and Harlow, and the development of ethical standards in the field of psychology. That is what Freud is to people who actually understand his contribution to the field: a gateway into discussing the way ideas become scientific theories and the ethics surrounding the development of said theories.

Because it’s not science if you literally say, “I don’t trust this woman because lol hysterical vagina syndrome, here’s the only misogynistic explanation for what’s going on, she is totes envious of the penis, haha, fact.”

I’m so glad I’m not the only person who recognizes this

Plus his theories are HUGELY based on eurocentric reasoning (and also in heteronormavity and misogyny.)







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